Case Study: Assisting Families with Aged Care Financial Planning at Intrepid Wealth

Challenges Faced

The family was confronted with a complex financial situation due to the substantial bond required for their mother’s aged care facility admission. They were unsure about the various options available to them and how these choices would impact their overall financial well-being. The family needed clear and concise guidance to navigate this difficult and unfamiliar territory.

Intrepid Wealth’s Approach

PJ took on the challenge of assisting this family with empathy, expertise, and a client-focused approach. His steps included:

Initial Consultation: PJ scheduled an initial consultation with the family to understand their financial situation, goals, and concerns. During this meeting, he listened carefully to their unique circumstances and assured them that he would be there to guide them throughout the process.

Education and Transparency: Recognizing the family’s need for clarity, PJ provided clear explanations of the available options in simple, layman’s terms. He ensured that the family fully comprehended the financial implications and commitments associated with each choice.

Customised Solutions: PJ analyzed the family’s financial position and crafted a tailored financial plan that addressed their specific requirements and ensured their long-term financial security.

Regular Communication: PJ maintained open lines of communication with the family, responding promptly to their questions and concerns. He understood the emotional strain they were under and offered support and reassurance every step of the way.

Expertise and Guidance: With his extensive knowledge of financial planning, especially in the context of aged care, PJ provided expert guidance that helped the family make informed decisions.
Results and Outcomes

Thanks to PJ’s dedicated efforts and expertise, the family was able to make a well-informed decision regarding their mother’s aged care facility bond. They felt confident and secure in their financial plan, knowing that it had been tailored to their unique needs and goals.

Client Satisfaction

The client expressed their gratitude for PJ’s exceptional service, highlighting his outstanding communication, availability, expertise, and guidance during this challenging time. They felt that PJ went above and beyond to provide them with the support they needed, making them feel valued and understood.


PJ’s compassionate and professional approach at Intrepid Wealth helped this family navigate a complex financial situation during a difficult time in their lives. The case demonstrates Intrepid Wealth’s commitment to empowering families to make informed financial decisions and its dedication to providing personalized financial solutions. It serves as a testament to the positive impact that a caring and knowledgeable financial planner can have on the lives of clients facing challenging circumstances.


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