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We are very very happy that we came to know PJ and his team, His style of getting to know his client is very unique (for us) with the video call. We highly recommend them as financial advisor for anyone seeking or confused with their finance.

Shweta Karmacharya

After managing my superannuation portfolio for many years, I have transferred it to Intrepid Wealth and have been delighted with the results,  Intrepid Wealth staff guided me every step of the way to make the transition problem free.

Nita Thomas

PJ and Darren are so detail oriented and have always worked to get us the best deal. They put in the time, they’re responsive and you trust they are working for your best interests. You feel like their #1 client!

Gabi E

The team at Intrepid Wealth are committed to their clients, they really have the clients best interests in their minds and they are active all the time.

Tony Deideun

Our Great

Financial Life Designer

PJ Patterson

For some, money is more than a resource to be used for exchanged or moved around for growth, instead it’s very personal and even, emotional. In our experience, money can make people crazy and volatility in the markets can make people even crazier! We get it. That’s why, if you ever have a concern, a question, a need for more clarity – we’re here for you.

PJ Patterson, CEO of Keystone Financial offers his take on global macro markets and how they affect you.


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