Holistic Financial Planning.

Lifetime investment success is not a function of skill… it is a function of behaviour.

Living a Great Financial Life

Doesn’t just happen.

A bespoke, lifetime financial plan for you and your family will encompass all aspects of capital and income management up to and into retirement, including protection, tax-efficient investment, estate planning and preservation.

Our holistic approach means comprehensive advice on the entirety of your family’s financial past, present and future. If you are looking towards or nearing retirement, you will benefit from advice that examines your financial position as a whole.

We Can Really

Grow your money.

A holistic approach to financial planning has the potential to:

  • Reduce your income tax as investments work harder for you, seeking to avoid capital gains tax and inheritance tax (IHT)
  • Save you money by using the most appropriate and cost-effective portfolio of insurances which are more effective for IHT
  • Preserve the underlying value of your pension by making best use of the available pension benefits to improve investment potential
  • Shield your estate from IHT by arranging your assets and writing your will

We Dont Just Give Templated Advice We

Put plan into action.

Once we have agreed the basis of our relationship with you, we will undertake a detailed analysis of your existing portfolio, circumstances and the goals we have discussed.

Being an independent business, we remain impartial on which solutions we recommend to you. We have access to all providers which allows us to determine the most suitable solution for your needs, ensuring that the outcome is always optimal for your personal situation.

Intrepid Wealth

We create a tailor-made, holistic report that looks at all the aspects of your financial future: retirement; estate planning; providing for your children and grandchildren; getting the most from your investments; reviewing your mortgage; improving your income; protecting your family and your health; reducing your tax bill and providing for care in old age.

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Do You have

Wealthy Habits?

The vast majority of rich people didn’t get there by accident or luck. Accumulating wealth requires maintaining a specific set of habits that foster prosperity. See how you stack up with your Wealthy Habits.

Our Great

Financial Life Designer

PJ Patterson

For some, money is more than a resource to be used for exchanged or moved around for growth, instead it’s very personal and even, emotional. In our experience, money can make people crazy and volatility in the markets can make people even crazier! We get it. That’s why, if you ever have a concern, a question, a need for more clarity – we’re here for you.

PJ Patterson, CEO of Keystone Financial offers his take on global macro markets and how they affect you.


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