For Good.

We partner with high-impact projects to support people and communities around the world.

Global Citizens Making a Global Impact:

Our Partnership with B1G1

We want to be in a position where we can constantly give back to the world, so having a positive impact is SO important to us as a company, and as everyday people. We can help those in need simply by doing what we do every day.

B1G1 is a global business giving movement that allows businesses to create monumental impacts on communities in need. We are so fortunate in Australia, but to this means we have a responsibility to help others. Partnering with B1G1 ensures that, as Intrepid Wealth grows, so does our impact on the world. We contribute a portion of what we gain every month and, the larger we grow as a company, the bigger the impact we can generate with B1G1.

The Story of

PJ Patterson

Everything I do in my business is driving a social impact agenda. And that feels great! But it took a visit to Hanoi for me to truly understand the full force behind B1G1.

In 2018, I went to Hanoi to visit one of the charities supported by B1G1, Blue Dragon. Unfortunately, many children end up on the streets in Vietnam, working for the sex trade or human trafficking. But the work Blue Dragon does for these kids is remarkable. Blue Dragon reacquaints kids with being kids. They build up a strong relationship with them, giving them a place to feel safe full of love and support. I was lucky enough to meet a couple of the kids and hear their stories. The experience was immensely humbling, and it made me incredibly proud to be a part of B1G1, who can impact the lives of disadvantaged children in such a positive way.

The work that I do on a daily basis empowers people to be financially free. Now, thanks to B1G1, this goal can be extended to the lives of people impacted by social injustice all over the world. I am telling my story so that other businesses can be inspired to do business for good.

Changing Lives Through

Economic Empowerment

Education leads to economic empowerment. There are many countries with a lack of economic opportunity which leads to insecurity and the need to flee from their homes. If we can provide children and families with education, this will have an immediate impact on the communities they live in. Projects like providing bicycle access or buying bricks to build schools has a significant impact on ensuring communities have access to education. These things seem so simple, but they change lives. We contribute to multiple projects across Cambodia, Vietnam, and many other countries around the world.

Many of these communities are built on women. When women are empowered, the entire community is lifted. We support educating women, by giving them the ability to grow their business and bookkeeping skills, and providing them with access to business equipment, such as sewing machines.

As financial advisors, we believe in the benefits of economic growth, and that it plays a fundamental role in achieving important development goals. By helping our clients meet their goals, we’re contributing to economic growth in countries all around the world.


Development Goals


Changing Lives Through

Clean Water and Sanitation

Clean water and sanitation are basic human rights that we have access to every single day. We don’t automatically see it as a privilege. But it is. Seeing children and large communities without access to clean water is eye-opening to say the least. We know that if we can provide clean, sanitary water to everyone on this planet, then so many diseases would simply vanish. That’s why one of our most important impacts with B1G1 is providing clean water and sanitation everywhere on this planet.

Did you know that billions of people still lack clean water and sanitation services despite significant progress being made? That’s why we are doing all we can as a business to lower this number. We have provided over 500,000 days of life-saving access to water to people around the world and 4,380 days of access to a sanitary latrine as well as 420 days of water pump maintenance costs, and this is only the beginning. We will continue to make a life-changing impact and improve quality of life to hundreds of places across the globe.




Map of the projects we are supporting across the globe.


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