Finance Broking

As a client of Intrepid Wealth, you will benefit from our extensive lending experience. This experience together with our desire to go the extra mile, will help ensure you achieve your goals.

Our Finance Broking services include:

  • Refinancing and consolidating loans
  • Home loans
  • Investment loans
  • Equipment and car finance
  • Commercial loans
  • Reviews of current lending

Our finance brokers will take the time to discuss your needs and circumstances with you, which gives us the opportunity to determine which type of loan is most suitable for you.

Once we have an understanding of your objectives and financial position, we will then discuss the various lenders’ loan products and features available to you.

We'll guide you every step of the way!

We guide you through the completion of the necessary paperwork.  We will then take care of the submission and liaise with the lender on your behalf until your loan is approved and settled.

Why choose us?

Smarter mortgage

  • We can show you how to recycle your debt to create both tax deductible debt AND and income stream.
  • We improve your chances of getting the financing you need to achieve your goals.
  • We aim to get better interest rates and cashback offers from the disclosed list of lenders.
  • We can approach multiple lenders if chosen by you from our disclosed list of lenders.

The right protection

  • Get expert advice on what insurances you really need, and which you don’t.
  • We make recommendations appropriate and specific to your situation and objectives.
  • Have support during claim time, to reduce – or remove – work on your part.
  • Find out how you can reduce your premium & keep affordable in the future also.


Mavericks are here for you

PJ Patterson

I am a financial problem solver and whether it is personal or business related I will help you figure it out. I have the skill set, background and network to advise on any financial problem you need to solve. I’m a contrarian by nature and will not accept the status quo. Finally, if you want a professional that has your back, my firm and I will be there for you.

It's a partnership!

Part of our advisory role, as appropriate, extends to keeping you up-to-date on the property market and relevant opportunities available to you. Throughout your journey we can also assist in consolidating debt, look into other investment options and work with other vendors – such as conveyancers, accountants and financial planners – on the client’s behalf.


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