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We’re Different,

We're Mavericks

We know how to position your wealth to benefit from any market condition.

Our Intrepid Solutions

Portfolio Management

Sustainability is the primary driver of our service, personalised sustainable portfolios based on individual client specifications, or pure impact strategies.

Financial Planning

Our holistic approach means comprehensive advice on the entirety of your family’s financial past, present and future.

Self Managed
Super Fund

Keeping up with the compliance requirements of your SMSF isn’t easy. But if you have the right tools, it will absolutely benefit you long term.

Why would anyone pay an expert to actively not take their advice?
You wouldn’t! That would be crazy right? Yep. That’s why we ask that you learn from our sharing, our materials and resources and our advice.

The Great Mortgage Reset is Coming..

If you want to want to find out what to do about the Great Mortgage Reset and how to prepare for it watch this video.

Why You Need

A Maverick to Manage and Grow Your Wealth


Fundamentally a maverick is an independent-minded person ... Oxford goes on to say it is a person who does not behave or think like everyone else, but who has independent, sometimes unusual opinions. Truthful to the point of bluntness.


A Maverick is an unbranded cow! Huh? Yep. The word derives from a Texan Rancher and politician named Sam Maverick, who allowed his unbranded cattle to roam semi-wild instead of branding them and penning them in fenced-in ranges. That sort of independent spirit, thinking and action describes the kind of entrepreneurs, experts and company we are ... We don't follow the herd, instead we beat our own well tested, well thought out path for your benefit.


Challengers to the status quo, to the norm, to the "it's always been done this way for 100 years" types.

Here's how we are intrepid mavericks for you...

True hearted and authentic

We love what we do! Everybody says that right? For us, it's 100% true - we are fired up, passionate, live it, eat it, sleep it types - some would even go so far as to call us zealots for what we do and specifically, how we do it. We'll take that all day long.

Challenge the status quo

We believe your money should be working for you 100% of the time - not just some of it! So we use our deep expertise and experience, our partnership with the best research and analytics houses on the planet to read the signals. The market posts signs as big as billboards if you know what to look for.

Use our Superpowers for good

We love using our knowledge, our years of reading the market, our commitment to Full Cycle, our connections, our access to information and analytics that the average punter just can't get aka our super powers, to make a difference for you, every single day. Day in and day out.

Own our vision and ideas for the world​

In our world - and in quite literally how we are set up and work with you - your wins are our wins by very definition! Fundamentally, we have a vision for your future. We have a vision for the difference we make to you.

Hold strong convictions

We truly believe Full Cycle Investing is the way. In our view, anything less costs you opportunities, security and wealth and we simply won't stand for that. Of course, we appreciate our colleagues who offer a different path, we just don't buy it for ourselves or our clients. We quite literally invest the way we advise you to do so.


Remember, we invest our own personal money and that of our families, in the same way we recommend for you. We promise we will never tell you to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves. Ever.

Over the years we have learnt a lot about what makes for a great working relationship. To make sure that happens for us, we’ve identifed some commitments we need to make to each other.

Be Part of

Something Special

Intrepid Wealth is committed to making significant impact around the world through our giving program. By partnering with B1G1 we have aligned our mission to the 17 sustainable development goals.

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