Our Intrepid Process

We’re bold, brave and not afraid to face difficulties. Financial markets are powerful. Fast moving. Sometimes volatile – right? 100%. And that’s okay, just like good ole’ Sam Maverick we can hold our own with the best of them.

It All begins with You..

Our process begins with an initial interview to determine if the services we offer are appropriate for what you expect from a Financial Planner. This conversation also allows each party to interview the other and ascertain if a viable working relationship can be achieved. We have developed a process that is time conscious, comprehensive and objective.

To get you the results you want, we’ll challenge you to make intrepid choices too.

Join Us and we'll get Intrepid Maverick Results Together.

Our financial advisor will walk you through the planning process.  The plan delivery typically involves four stages:


This involves gathering the information we need to do develop the plan and sitting down with you to have an in-depth and insightful discussion on your goals and priorities.


We will deliver your financial plan and our recommendations to meet your goals in a concise and straightforward way.


Here we take the steps to implement the recommendations and start your journey towards financial independence


As life changes, so do your goals and how to most effectively reach those goals. We’ll stay on top of your finances, keep up on the latest financial laws and industry changes and prepare for your annual review or as often as necessary, where we’ll thoroughly cover your latest assets and your current financial standing.

We're Always Here for You

Whether you have questions about our services or you want to discuss your financial plan, contact us anytime. We’re always available to help!


Mavericks are here for you

PJ Patterson

I am a financial problem solver and whether it is personal or business related I will help you figure it out. I have the skill set, background and network to advise on any financial problem you need to solve. I’m a contrarian by nature and will not accept the status quo. Finally, if you want a professional that has your back, my firm and I will be there for you.


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