Compared to others, how would you rate your willingness to take financial risks?

How familiar are you with investment markets?

How would you describe your experience with investment markets?

What is the most aggressive investment you have made?

Once investments have been placed, how long would it be before you would need to access your capital?

How much money have you set aside, outside of your superannuation, to handle emergencies?

Inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods over time which can reduce your spending power. How much risk are you prepared to take to counteract the effects of inflation?

Most investments can fluctuate both up and down i.e. volatility. How much could your investment fall in value over a 12 month period before you feel concerned and anxious?

What would your reaction be if six months after placing your investment you discover that, in line with what is happening in the financial markets generally; your portfolio had decreased in value by 20%?

Would you be more concerned about the potential gains or possible losses when you are considering your investment options?

Over the longer term, what return do you reasonably expect to achieve from your investment portfolio?

Have you had an investment fall in value? If so, how did it make you feel?

What degree of risk are you prepared to take to achieve your desired return?

What are your future income requirements from your investments?

Have you ever borrowed money to make an investment?

Based on your answer to the previous question, how did borrowing to invest make you feel?

Risk Profile
High Growth
Moderately Defensive

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